First and foremost attending a preschool will be first experience in your child’s life outside their comfort zone i.e home.  So Preschool is like a second home for your child to feel and spend time everyday. Also, preschool is the first place where your child would be able to interact along with other children and explore their personal interests.  These early experiences are the one which help in shaping the future development of the child lifecycle and preschool plays an important role in it.

So here are some key points we will discuss how Giggles N Scribbles preschool in Pune  will help in holistic development of your child:

Providing Growth Opportunity: In every child’s life, enrolling them to preschool will give their first experience interacting with other children and teachers in organized manner. Preschool provides opportunity to learn, explore, interact, solve problems using practical activities along with other children sets up the strong foundation before your child visits kindergarten/school.

Promotes Social and Emotional Development: To bring on the interest in learning, child needs environment as secure as home and feel themselves cared with friendly caretaker which exists in preschool with teacher building close personal connection with each child.

Children feel comfortable when there is consistency in personal care between their home and school. Which help young children to socialize and build emotional self control in real time. 3 to 4 years old kids learn from their early experiences and good teachers in the preschool make kids comfortable by which they can help kids learn to manage their anger and frustrations. So environment in preschool will be such which helps children in solving own problems and encourage them to stop hurtful and aggressive behaviour on another child without shaming them.

Structured Environment: Preschool provides an environment which is highly structured thats help child in interacting and playing well with other children. This necessarily does not mean strict rules or were adults interfere activities of your child. 

A structured environment refer to where your child is taught to behave in an organized way by encouraging to socialize and minimize conflicts with other children in the classroom space.  

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