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Playgroup (1.5yrs to 2.5yrs)

A playgroup is a gathering of similarly aged children and their parents or caregivers. … The regular groups support children’s social development, ease the transition to school, and improve overall health, while also providing social and health support to parents, knowledge sharing, and learning opportunities.

Nursery (2.5yrs to 3.5yrs)

A nursery is a place where children who are not old enough to go to school are looked after. … Nursery is a school for very young children. Children play – and they learn through playing with their peers, adults and by themselves. The key to nursery education is to provide children with a warm, safe environment where they feel comfortable to explore. … They have years and years of formal education ahead of them.

LKG (3.5yrs to 4.5yrs)

Primary education is the first stage of compulsory education. It enables the children to get prepared for future higher classes. LKG stands for Lower Kindergarten. Kindergarten specifies a babysitter or nursery school for the 3-4 years old children. It is a German word which literally means “garden for children”. The duration of LKG is one year.

UKG (4.5yrs to 5.5yrs)

Primary education is the first stage of compulsory education. It enables the children to get prepared for future higher classes. UKG stands for Upper Kindergarten. Kindergarten specifies a babysitter or nursery school for the 4-5 years old children. It is a German word which literally means “garden for children”. The duration of UKG is one year.

Thematic Approach

A thematic method of learning emphasizes various concepts and skills through one specific theme. Key developmental skills are explored and developed through the themed activities.The playgroup program consists of 10 themes. Each month focuses on 3 colours and 1 shape.The nursery program consists of 10 themes. As a step-up from the play-group, the nursery program focuses on 4 alphabets and 1 number.Thematic learning helps assimilate the learning through one theme that enables children to draw connections and learn by association.

  • Going To The Market
  • Nature Explorer
  • My Neighbourhood

Skill Based Learning

The GnS curriculum constitutes of age-appropriate lesson plan with learning materials, teaching aids, and a symates to assess a childs progress. The activities are designed to aid overall development of a child, including the cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical areas of development. The curriculum also provides a cultural context to the learning thereby ensuring each child is rendered appropriate early learning opportunities. Each activity explored in the curriculum is designed in order to develop one or more of the 16 key developmental skills.

  • Sensory development
  • Cognitive development
  • Personal & Emotional development
  • Creativity & Imagination
  • Gross & Fine Motor skills
  • Language and comprehension
  • Social skills

Science Experiments and Mates Activities

Introducing for the first time a new concept of MATES, a co-curricular activities which boost critical thinking, problem solving and to create an end product.
  • Know Each Childs Progress
  • Parents can stay updated with their childs learning through the daily take-home materials, Monthly Journal and Development Evaluation card.
  • With our user-friendly mobile app, your parents can get the daily updates of the activities that their child has done.
  • Stay connected on FB, mobile app & WhatsApp.


Why is preschool education important?

It has been globally acknowledged that the first five years of a child’s life are the most critical years for lifelong development as the pace of development in these years is extremely rapid. It is therefore very important to give the right knowledge and exposure to the children during these formative years as they form the foundation for inculcation of social values and personal habits which are known to last a lifetime. What follows logically therefore is the crucial importance of investing in these early years to ensure an enabling environment for every child and thereby a sound foundation for the life, which is not only the right of every child but which will also impact, in the long term ,the quality of human capital available to a country.

What is the admission procedure in Giggles & Scribbles?

The admission at Giggles & Scribbles is strictly on first cum first serve basis. For admission, you need to schedule an appointment for enquiry and school tour.

What documents are required at the time of admission?
  • 4 passport size photos of the child
  • Xerox copy of the Birth Certificate.
  • One passport size photographs of both the parent’s
  • ID proof of both the parents.
What Courses Do You Offer?
Playgroup 2 to 3 years
Nursery 3 to 4 years
Junior KG 4 to 5 years
Senior KG 5 to 6 years
Learning Center 3 years-14 years


What are the school timimgs?
Program Playgroup Nursery Jr KG
Morning 9:00am- 11.30am 9:00am- 12:00am 9.00am-12.00noon
Afternoon 11.30am-2.30pm 11.30am-2.30pm


What is the teachers quality at Giggles & Scribbles?

All teachers taken in have to undergo extensive training that has been standardized. We ensure that when a teacher enters an actual classroom to teach, the teacher has completed all the required training sessions and is able to handle a class while providing the quality we expect. 

We have a zero tolerance policy towards corporal punishment and teachers are trained of how to get their point across to the children without instilling any fear into the children.

What is the academic year for pre school?

The academic year begins in June and goes on till March every year.

What is the teacher: student ratio at Giggles & Scribbles?

We ensure a healthy educator: student ratio of 1:8 for individual attention.

How is the pre school fees structured at Giggles & Scibbles?

Preschool fees are dependent on the program you choose. Visit our school to know more about our preschool fee structure or playgroup fee structure

Can I pay school fees in instalments?

Parents are given flexibility to pay the fees in three instalments according to the rule laid by the management.

What are the modes of transport offered?

We are proving bus services in the radius of 6 km. Each bus has a lady attendant and trained driver in the bus. Your safety is our main concern.

What kind of infrastructure and facilities will be provided by Giggles & Scribbles?

We have ample space for both indoors and outdoor activities. Specially designed child friendly furniture is present in the rooms. We make sure that the center is colourful, vibrant and clean so children enjoy their time at Giggles & scribbles.

Some rooms are equipped with technology such as projectors and interactive whiteboards.

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