At Giggles N Scribbles Preschool Pune, we believe that learning must never stop. However COVID-19 pandemic forced us to make changes in our normal routine of traditional teaching. Hence, we decided to be brave enough and face the new normal with a smile. 

The school management, staff and teachers decided to go ahead and shift all our preschool classes online. Countless hours of brainstorming with tech-loving teachers made way for virtual classes. 

So we opened admissions to our preschool in online mode by launching a new webpage on our official preschool website

We are sharing with you our webpage and accepting registrations in online mode:

You can contact us directly as well on our telephone number: (+91) 9225683753.

Programs Covered By Giggles N Scribbles Preschool 

Playgroup (1.5yrs to 2.5yrs)

A playgroup is a gathering of similarly aged children and their parents or caregivers. The regular groups support children’s social development, ease the transition to school, and improve overall health, while also providing social and health support to parents, knowledge sharing, and learning opportunities.

Nursery (2.5yrs to 3.5yrs)

A nursery is a stage in the formal schooling of young children. Children play and they learn through playing with their peers, adults and by themselves. The key to nursery education is to provide children with a warm, safe environment where they feel comfortable to explore. They have years and years of formal education ahead of them.

LKG (3.5yrs to 4.5yrs)

Lower Kindergarten (LKG) is the first stage of compulsory education. It enables children to get prepared for future higher classes. They are exposed to formal methods of teaching. It enables teachers to introduce them to the basic concepts upon which form the foundation for their future education.

UKG (4.5yrs to 5.5yrs)

Upper Kindergarten (UKG) is the second stage of compulsory education. It builds upon the foundations of LKG and further strengthens the concepts of the students. Their math and literacy skills are worked upon thoroughly and they are prepared for a smooth transition to primary education. 

Here are few of the features listed on our journey with virtual learning or E-learning in Giggles N scribbles School.

Learning never stops at G & S is what we believe in. The COVID-19 pandemic threw normal life out of gear, and hence, we decided to face it with a smile.

Thus, we have decided to go ahead and shift all the classes online. Numerous hours of hard work, team efforts and support from staff ensured that the shift will give fruitful learning experience to students and the parents. At G & S, we have  a culture of accepting new ideas and innovations in teaching-learning methods.

Countless hours of brainstorming sessions with teachers we made way for virtual classes. Tailor-made notes online sessions, projects,  assignments, discussions, PowerPoint presentations and videos are made for online classes. Apart from academics, we have started extracurricular activities like dance, celebrations, virtual field trips etc. to enhance our teaching-learning. 

The virtual learning experience has been designed, keeping in mind the mission of Giggles & Scribbles. It focusses on implementing best educational practices available and with a collaboration/partnership with parents. 

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