About the program

Our daycare program is designed to provide children a safe and sheltered space to develop multidimensional skills. It is ideal for working parents who wish to provide a congenial environment for the growth of their children. Our trained facilitators deeply understand the needs of the children and try to create a homely environment where children can freely grow.

Our daycare programs are available for children between the ages of
1.5 years to 12 years.

What Our Families are Saying

They appreciate the nurturing environment where their little ones thrive. Parents praise the engaging activities that stimulate their child’s curiosity and creativity. They’re delighted to see their children developing essential social, cognitive, and motor skills through interactive play. Many mention the supportive community they’ve found, where both children and parents forge lasting friendships. Overall, they express gratitude for the enriching experience that sets a strong foundation for their child’s future education.!

Activities undertaken

Art & Craft


Logical Thinking Activities

Storytelling for Children

Outdoor Activities

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