Kindergarten Senior Program

About the program

In Senior KG or KG 2 students have gained sufficient knowledge that allows them to work independently without a lot of intervention from facilitators. Our Senior KG program is aimed at consolidating all the knowledge that students have gained over the previous years. Senior KG students are exposed to increased difficulty levels of literacy and numeracy. The program is designed in a manner to prepare these young kids for formal schooling where they will be introduced to different subjects and more intricate concepts.

Developmental Milestones

In Kindergarten Senior, we prioritize advancing literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and creativity. Through hands-on projects and collaborative learning, children develop social-emotional skills and independence. Dedicated educators provide personalized support, preparing children for elementary school and lifelong success in a stimulating and inclusive environment.

What Do you need to know ?​

Daily Schedule

8:50: Drop Off

9:00: Prayer Time

9:10: Circle Time

9:35: Concept Time

10:00: Activity Time 

10:30: Break Time

11:00: Writing Practice

12:30: Home Time

Skills Taught

Logical Reasoning – Children are encouraged to apply their logical reasoning skills through various activities like storytelling, pattern identification and solution, role play activities, etc.

School Readiness – Children are urged to work independently. They are prepared for formal schooling with increased lecture hours, different courses, class participation, etc. Children are also incentivized to take on responsibility for themselves and their peers.

Interpersonal Skills – Teachers in this program focus a lot on interpersonal skills for the students since it is the most important life skill to impart. Activities like public speaking, peer-to-peer collaboration, exhibitions, and olympiads help develop confidence and self-assurance in your child.

Learning Outcomes

      • Grammar Concepts
      • Pre-math Concepts
      • Story Reading 
      • Comprehension Skills
      • Scientific Inquiry
      • Environmental Awareness

"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts." – Albert Einstein

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