Kindergarten Junior Program

About the program

Junior KG or KG 1 is the time when young students start developing independent traits. This is the time when we start introducing them to structured literacy and numeracy models. This program introduces children to reading and writing of upper & lower case letters, phoneme awareness, and number recognition. It is aimed at preparing young minds to absorb concepts of future academics.

Developmental Milestones

In Kindergarten Junior, we prioritize skill building through engaging activities. From literacy and numeracy to problem-solving, children learn through hands-on experiences. Our nurturing environment fosters social-emotional development, independence, and resilience. Dedicated educators ensure each child’s unique strengths are nurtured, preparing them for future academic success.

What Do you need to know ?​

Daily Schedule

8:50: Drop Off

9:00: Prayer Time

9:10: Circle Time

9:35: Concept Time

10:00: Activity Time 

10:30: Break Time

11:00: Reading Practice

11:30: Writing Practice

12:30: Home Time

Skills Taught

Logical Reasoning – Children are introduced to the concept of logic, causation and how one action logically leads to a subsequent outcome. This is a very important skill since it helps them understand connections and apply this to real world functions.

Oratory Skills – Through interactive class activities and active class participation, children develop their oratory skills. This also helps them develop their vocabulary as well as boost their confidence.

Reading – Through the Jolly Phonics method of reading, children are introduced to two and three-letter words. Along with increased language comprehension, children also exhibit increased reading speeds and better pronunciations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Vocabulary
  • Counting
  • Numerical Understanding
  • Phonetic Awareness
  • Reading and writing of 2 letter words

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– Pamela Vaull Starr

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