Play Group

About the program

Our playgroup program is designed to introduce toddlers to basic concepts that form the foundation for understanding complex processes. We use play-based activities to introduce children to primary and secondary colors and basic shapes. Through role-play, drama, music, and dance, we develop a child’s social and emotional skills. Pattern tracing and sorting objects help in the development of a child’s gross motor and fine motor skills which are crucial for a child before they begin to write.

Developmental Milestones

Building skills in playgroup kids involve fostering social interaction through cooperative play, enhancing cognitive abilities with puzzles, developing language through storytelling, and improving physical coordination with active play. Emotional expression and creativity are nurtured through art and open-ended activities, preparing children for future academic and social challenges.

What Do you need to know ?

Daily Schedule

8:50: Drop Off

9:00: Prayer Time

9:10: Circle Time

9:35: Concept Time

10:00: Theme of the Month

10:30: Break Time

11:00: Theme of the Month

11:30: Free Play

12:00: Home Time

Skills Taught

Baby Signs Language – Teachers introduce the globally acclaimed baby signs language to encourage young children to communicate their needs.

Motor Development – Activities designed for this age group will help your child develop their fine motor and gross motor skills which are precursors to writing.

Sensory Development – Through various sensory apparatus and textures your child will develop their sense organs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Colour Recognition
  • Shape Recognition
  • Letter Recognition
  • Pattern Match
  • Vocabulary
  • Empathy

"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”
- Margaret Mead

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