Nursery Program

About the program

Our nursery program builds upon the foundations of playgroup education. At this stage, children are introduced to complex thoughts and ideas. Using a mixture of play-way and Montessori teaching methodology, children are made familiar with alphabet and number recognition. They are also exposed to complex logic games, complex sorting and varied sensory experiences.

Developmental Milestones​

Skill building in our nursery program is tailored to each child’s developmental stage. We focus on fostering social, cognitive, language, physical, and emotional skills through age-appropriate activities. From interactive games to sensory exploration, our nurturing environment encourages curiosity, creativity, and confidence, laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning and success.

What Do you need to know ?

Daily Schedule

8:50: Drop Off

9:00: Prayer Time

9:10: Circle Time

9:35: Concept Time

10:00: Theme of the Month

10:30: Break Time

11:00: Theme of the Month

11:30: Writing Practice

12:00: Home Time

Skills Taught

Self-feeding – Children are encouraged to sit with their peers during break time and eat by themselves teaching them the values of gratefulness and independence. 


Sensory Development – Through various sensory apparatus and textures your child will develop their sense organs. Activities designed for this age group will help your child develop their fine motor and gross motor skills which are precursors to writing.

Self Awareness – Children are made aware about their self and their environment along with an understanding of their wants and needs. They also understand how to communicate these to their guardians.

Practical Life Skills – Life skills like responsibility for personal items, respectfulness towards peers, polite communication, etc are taught to children through activities and classroom environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Colour Recognition
  • Shape Recognition
  • Letter Recognition
  • Pattern Match
  • Vocabulary


"No one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers."
– Wolfgang Riebe

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