Impact of cartoons on education through media

Cartoons form an essential part of every child’s life. They are the most popular entertainment for kids. However, a bigger impact of cartoons is that with their help kids can learn about the world around them, new emotions, life issues and other important things they otherwise would not be aware of in their everyday life. For example, for a child living in a village watching cartoons like Mr Bean, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and Dora the Explorer works as a form of education. They are visually exposed to the world around them. They learn new sounds, shapes, and colours and also get introduced to music differently. Watching cartoons inspires kids to dance and to talk in a new, imaginative language only known to them. Children improve speech and vocabulary not only regarding their mother tongue but learn foreign languages like English as well.

As children grow up, cartoons show them how things function in real life. They explain more about feelings and relationships in a way they can understand. They allow them to understand how to deal with certain situations and people. Cartoons contain some valuable life lessons.

Let us understand this with the example of some popular cartoons. With Shinchan children learn how to live life to its fullest by just being themselves and not caring about what others think. Doraemon which revolves around its character Nobita teaches children to never give up and not rely solely on external help. It inspires them to look for alternatives and persevere. Then Chotta Bheem gives the message that you have to fight evil not only through physical violence. Through Peppa Pig children learn about making friends and friendship, how to accept and appreciate our differences and about positive aspects of life. Strawberry Shortcake teaches youngsters about friendship, telling them it is something very precious and important, and showing how with the help of friends you can resolve any problem.

Pinocchio teaches them that lying is wrong and that we should always be truthful. Children, especially boys, are very fond of the Pixar cartoon Cars which is much more than an ordinary car race. It makes kids understand that life is not always about winning. Some things are more important, such as the race itself, getting to know the route and the friends we make along the way. Kung Fu Panda helps children discover no secret can guarantee success in anything, or rather that they have that recipe inside themselves – it is their inner strength, determination and will to do what their heart and imagination desire and to be what they truly are.

Cartoons are full of positive life messages if we teach children to look at it that way. The true meaning of such stories has to be impressed upon the kids, especially when they are too young to understand it themselves. 

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