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We are one among leading preschools in pune. Preschool plays an very important role in shaping child future. We have several programs for complete holistic development of your child. We are young institution led by Fatima Husain Batterywala having 18 years of experience working in preschool.

Our Programs & Curriculum

The GnS curriculum constitutes of age-appropriate lesson plan with learning materials, teaching aids, and a symates to assess a childs progress. The activities are designed to aid overall development of a child, including the cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical areas of development.

Our Admission Process & Faqs

The admission at Giggles & Scribbles is strictly on first cum first serve basis. For admission, you need to schedule an appointment for enquiry and school tour.

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We always update latest news, activities pictures, informative articles and events conducted in our preschool. Follow our blog and social media handles to keep updated about us.

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Our focus, at Giggles & Scribbles, is to provide a stimulating early learning and child care experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support and nurture the children’s our own natural desire to be life-long learners. We are committed to the families we serve, providing support and encouragement.



We fully understand the curiosity and inquisitiveness of young minds. Thus, it is our intention that all students get the opportunity to discover and develop their talents within a supportive school environment. The vitality, diversity and creativity that we can offer through our educational programmes will help foster true individual and world citizens.

Our Values

We embrace creative expression in a non-judgemental and inclusive environment. At Giggles & Scribbles, we are proud to embrace the following core values: Humility, Honour, Passion, Commitment, Appreciation and to demonstrate these in all our endeavours. We recognise that students who have been nourished through creative experiences are better able to build their confidence and self-esteem and make better decisions.

About Us

Giggles & Scribbles is a young institution led by Fatema Husain Batterywala, a passionate education provider with more than 17 years of teaching experience in an array of educational institutions around the country. Her gift of teaching combined with her deep understanding of child psychology and behaviors has helped her plan and devise customized lessons/courses designed to enable kids to grasp concepts easily and naturally.

Interact, Explore, Solve

Our preschool programmes are designed to nurture the natural abilities of each child and make them a confident, caring social and self-aware individual. We work to foster curiosity, explore to learn more, experiment to solve problems, ask questions to create new experiences. We make learning fun!

We Will Take Care Of Your Child

  • has unique talent that can be nurtured
  • learns in their own style and after all, learning can be fun
  • is naturally curious and inquisitive to learn
  • learns the best when it’s done through play way


Play Group

Every day is filled with fun activities and we design activities in such a way child gets educated.


We provide a very nurturing environment to our kids joining nursery for holistic development of child future.

Jr. Kg

We help kids to interact with each other and explore themselves and communicate with others.

Sr. KG

We prepare child to face new challenges in there life and make child more independent and verbally active.

What We Offer


Giggles & Scribbles curriculum is designed based on the framework inspired by Germany’s Waldrof Education system and Play way method. While Waldrof is the one of the first and best early childhood program in the world, Play way method is based on the concept that play is the child’s most natural way to learn. This integrated curriculum inspires a joy for learning through art, music, logic games and hands-on investigations.


Our activities, worksheets, games and toys encourage the holistic development of a child and aid in achieving the following:

  • Sensory development
  • Cognitive development
  • Personal & Emotional development
  • Creativity & Imagination
  • Gross & Fine Motor skills
  • Language and comprehension
  • Social skills


Scaffolded Learning (I do, We do, You do)
This way of learning builds independence in children. How do we do? Our games and activities follow the I do-We do- You do approach. We start with the familiar themes, hold hands and support them in learning, later we let them adapt slowly and steadily on the platform that has been already built. This helps them solve problems independently with confidence.


What Our Families are Saying

A. Sikarwar

Giggles & Scribbles pre-school is very interesting for my children and the principal Mrs. Fatema is very hard working and diligent. My children love to come to school. Good manners and behaviour are taught through interesting activities. The teachers are also very loving and caring. The monthly themes unique and fascinating not only for the children but also for us parents. The school staff is always working towards building a better future for my children. I am satisfied with their performance.

Rashi Kamthe

It is a great pleasure to have you us a teacher for my daughter Rashi. Every teacher of your school gives personal attention to the children. Many types of activities are taken in the school like story telling session, mock market etc. activities were great. It’s nice to have a different theme for student for each month.<br> We hope to have such new activities in the coming days for children.

Ashwini Bhoite

I think this school is good for my son. My child is happy at the school. He is eager to go to school every day. He is taught well in this school. This school is well led and managed with excellent curriculum. Overall my son has had a very a good progress in the last 5 months.All the teachers are good and welcoming. Keep it up!


Why is preschool education important?

It has been globally acknowledged that the first five years of a child’s life are the most critical years for lifelong development as the pace of development in these years is extremely rapid. It is therefore very important to give the right knowledge and exposure to the children during these formative years as they form the foundation for inculcation of social values and personal habits which are known to last a lifetime. What follows logically therefore is the crucial importance of investing in these early years to ensure an enabling environment for every child and thereby a sound foundation for the life, which is not only the right of every child but which will also impact, in the long term ,the quality of human capital available to a country.

What is the admission procedure in Giggles & Scribbles?

The admission at Giggles & Scribbles is strictly on first cum first serve basis. For admission, you need to schedule an appointment for enquiry and school tour.

What documents are required at the time of admission?
  • 4 passport size photos of the child
  • Xerox copy of the Birth Certificate.
  • One passport size photographs of both the parent’s
  • ID proof of both the parents.
What Courses Do You Offer?
Playgroup 2 to 3 years
Nursery 3 to 4 years
Junior KG 4 to 5 years
Senior KG 5 to 6 years
Learning Center 3 years-14 years


What are the school timings?
Program Playgroup Nursery Jr KG
Morning 9:00am- 11.30am 9:00am- 12:00am 9.00am-12.00noon
Afternoon 11.30am-2.30pm 11.30am-2.30pm


What is the teachers quality at Giggles & Scribbles?

All teachers taken in have to undergo extensive training that has been standardized. We ensure that when a teacher enters an actual classroom to teach, the teacher has completed all the required training sessions and is able to handle a class while providing the quality we expect. 

We have a zero tolerance policy towards corporal punishment and teachers are trained of how to get their point across to the children without instilling any fear into the children.

What is the academic year for pre school?

The academic year begins in June and goes on till March every year.

What is the teacher: student ratio at Giggles & Scribbles?

We ensure a healthy educator: student ratio of 1:8 for individual attention.

How is the pre school fees structured at Giggles & Scibbles?

Preschool fees are dependent on the program you choose. Visit our school to know more about our preschool fee structure or playgroup fee structure

Can I pay school fees in instalments?

Parents are given flexibility to pay the fees in three instalments according to the rule laid by the management.

What are the modes of transport offered?

We are proving bus services in the radius of 6 km. Each bus has a lady attendant and trained driver in the bus. Your safety is our main concern.

What kind of infrastructure and facilities will be provided by Giggles & Scribbles?

We have ample space for both indoors and outdoor activities. Specially designed child friendly furniture is present in the rooms. We make sure that the center is colourful, vibrant and clean so children enjoy their time at Giggles & scribbles.

Some rooms are equipped with technology such as projectors and interactive whiteboards.

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